Possums Burrows

Have you seen holes around your house, fences? You might have, out of curioAnaheim, checked this holes and have seen possums lying in the cushioned burrow. You think "Do these creatures make holes as well?" You might have read about their prehensile tail, amazing balance, speed and great climbing skill. With all these great features, you might begin to wonder if making holes is another ability they have. Possums have quite an intimidating, fearsome look but looks are deceiving. Possums are very docile animals.

Possums are commonly blamed for making holes and burrows around the garden. They are diggers, a lovers of little animals: slugs, worms, beetles etc. They dig but not deep holes. They prefer living on trees, in rock cavities. They also prefer the attic of your home. Possums won't dig burrows and undergrounds, but they can live in it. Possums living in burrows are better called tenants since they wait for burrowers to abandon their home.

Possums are mainly arboreal animals but can use a burrow as an escape route from a predator when away from trees. So if you see a possum in a shallow hole, know it's once the home to a skunk. If it is a tunnel, you might be dealing with a groundhog. You might think that's impossible. Well, research has shown that not only are possums intimidating but can attack when provoked. Hence, it's likely possible for a possum to chase out an occupant. It might even end up eating the host. If your pet is at the receiving end of a possum attack, get ready for a big vet bill.

Fully aware they are greater danger in the daytime, they won't use all nights digging up holes with the need for feeding compulsory. However, they are good diggers. Your fence might not be a problem for them since they can easily climb. If your fence is impossible to cross over, they might make a little digging round the fence. In your garden, there is a lot of food for these critters: dead roaches, slugs and insects.

Now you know they are not responsible for the burrows and undergrounds, they can still get into your home. Don't allow these critters in your lawn, garage and home. They come with a lot of disadvantages. In case you own a poultry, be aware these animals will feed on your feeds, chickens and eggs. Making a mess of your home, as slow crawlers they will look and will knock out garbage cans.

Don't ever venture into the quest of containing these critters. Not only are they suspected disease carriers, they will make a mess of your home wiring work. They don't go about stripping off fruit on trees, they prefer well-rotted foods. Imagine them dragging rotten foods into your rooms. Better imagine than real. Make your fences animal proof. Make your home inhospitable by removing at sight any messy or rotten foods. Preventing possums’ entry might not be easy but it's worth the try. If you feel it’s out of your control, contact a pro before these critters complete their “invasion”.

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